Develope your talents

The “Volksuniversiteit Enschede” (VUE) has been organizing an extensive and varied amount of courses for already more than 90 years. Now it's a part of M-Pact and is called "M-Pact Education".

Courses for volunteers

Next to their general course-list M-Pact Education provides courses for volunteers. Some of these courses are specially designed to stimulate participation, integration and emancipation.

Participate more often!

M-Pact Education embraces a huge network of intermediaries working in different fields like welfare, healthcare, voluntary service and cultural institutions. Through them we can reach our target groups and encourage them to “participate more often”.

Social traineership (MAS)

Many schools throughout our country are allowed to decide for themselves if they want to include a social training period in their curriculum.

A social training period consists of voluntary work for a non-profit organization, think of a care-home, a voluntary service or some firm’s social project based on non-profit. A school is only allowed to count a maximum of 30 hours of social training per pupil as tuition time. This may be spread out over a couple of school years. The school holds responsibility and, together with the apprenticeship agent, your employer and yourself, decide what is the best training for you.

A social training period involves doing voluntary work. This can be achieved by joining a voluntary service, association or club, institution or a social organization. This can also be achieved outside a pre-organized agreement, for example by doing the shopping for an old neighbour or helping out in a family needing temporary help. Even some companies help out in a social manner.

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